Wednesday, October 27, 2010

1 Wicked Wednesday

WICKED isn't the word for should be WACKY!!!  I have some things planed today - mini shoot, listings, custom orders, and an after school play date to WILL be WICKED or WACKY...let's see how it goes!

Though the night juliesgoodscents designed a collection of watches....I was one of them...what an honor!!  Please check out the collection, leave it STARS and a comment, then go over and visit juliesgoodscents and see some of the wonderful soaps she'll see my favorite is a DRAGONFLY!!!!

Jewelry Supplies

And now, on to some other news!!! I recently purchase a couple of items from katerinaart.  I featured her a few months back and I have just fall'n in love with her work.  I will show you just a couple of the items I received - remember, they are for Christmas and some of the people getting them might be looking!!!!  As always katerinaart shipped them quickly and safely and sent me a little extra for my Daughter!!!  Don't forget, she also has Calendars (I have one) for you too!  

Now, for my WICKED Wednesday featured artists.... ummmm... ghosts and pumpkins anyone??? 

Have a WICKED WEDNESDAY and try to do a 'little' something WICKED today!!! ~KM

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  1. Wow, I love the purple dragonfly soaps and the cute little ghosts and that bracelet with the pumpkins is wonderful! I like that style of beading ... it's very artful and sylish looking.

    You so nice work :-)


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