Tuesday, January 27, 2015

1 Talented Tuesday 1/27/15 (Beautiful Blue and Green Flowers, PURPLE and Valentines Special!)

Today is one of those great days where I get to show off a finished creation and start something new.  I love these days!! I'll send the kids off to school and sit down and bead....it is strange, the very first few rows are the most stressful, but also the most rewarding!!  

Here it is, I LOVE IT!! This one is going to be hard to say goodbye too.  What do you think???  Like it? Remember, you'll get a FREE pair of Beadwoven Earrings with your purchase of this necklace set!


And here is the 'making of' video if you would like to see!!

And here is what I am going to start working on!!  Just look at those colors....PURPLE!!!


Don't forget, you have until 2/14/15 to receive a FREE pair of Beadwoven Earrings with your purchase of $25 or more!!!!  Talk about a great extra!!


This is a simple give-a-way....really it is just a way for me to find out what I can improve on!!  So please, answer the questions and enter to win!!

Once again this week I do not have a featured artist.  Please me know know if you know of any artist - no matter if the 'sell' or not - that I might feature.  I just love to show off other peoples creations!! 

Today I would like to leave you with this thought;

If we all just lend a hand we can life a heart!!  Be Helpful!!

Monday, January 26, 2015

2 Questions 2015 Give-A-Way

0 Making Monday 1/26/15 (A Birthday, Angel Wings and a Gift Certificate)

What a weekend!!  We celebrate my hubby's 45th Birthday and my son's 10th!!  Yep, the same party!!  It was so much fun!!  Thank goodness the weather was great, the kids played OUTSIDE the party!!  A group of 10-12 year old boys in a 'confined' space would NOT have been fun!!! But everyone had a great time and the 'Birthday BOYS' got lots of gifts and cake!!

Now it is back to beading and cleaning....life goes on!! :)  ha ha ha ha

I DO have a new listing today, it is Angel Wings and Hearts!!!  DO you like it??


On Friday I posted the finished center to this necklace.  Here it is.  I think it turned out wonderful!! I am having fun again with these Lucite Flowers!  I used to use them, but got away from them for a while....well, they are back!! :)  Today I am starting to work on the strap....if it is a good day I might get that done and be able to list this necklace in the morning!! :)

I have some questions for you....

Today I would like to leave you with this thought;

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication! ~Leonardo Da Vinci

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