Thursday, October 28, 2010

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Yesterday was busy!  What is new?  Isn't every day eventful?  I think that things will be just getting busier and crazier until after the holidays...oh ya, did I mention that between all the regular holidays, it is also AYE's birthday the week before Christmas!!! 
And we have 2 more shows between now and 
the first week of December!!  OH MY!!  

But then I find out that bycamille has featured one of my necklace sets in this beautiful collection!  Below the collection is one of my favorites from her studio....isn't is cool - I mean warm - I mean cool!!!  :~) 

Fine Art Paintings

 For today's featured artist I have chosen someone that makes BEAUTIFUL jewelry.  This lady from India has a talent for working with true metals.....this choker....simply beautiful!  Please go  check out AnjaliDesigns and her wont be disappointed!! 

Try to be TAKEN with something today....
even if it is just 
a little sunshine!  ~KM


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