Wednesday, September 22, 2010

3 Wicked Wednesday

 Wicked Wednesday....yep, I really think it is!!  Sorry that I missed posting yesterday....I was busy opening and listing in my new DESTASH studio.  I only have 16 items listed so far, but I am going to try to have about 100 items by the end of the week (Sunday).   I just have to let some of my beads go!  My 'craft room' is the front wall of my bedroom, or it was supposed to be the front has now taken over our bedroom and I must let go of some beads or my bed....for me it would be the bed, but Hubby might just mind!!  ha ha ha!!  So, I will be listing some items and they are all NEW, just things that I either haven't or wont use.  

Please visit the DESTASH studio and check it out.  There will be tools, books and many other things listed in the end!!

And then in the middle of all that 'listing', photographing and researching I was notified that 
I was featured in this wonderful ArtFire collection.   

Isn't this a wonderful view of an Autumn Morning??  I can't believe how beautiful all these different items look together.  Thank you so very much to ARTIBILITY for featuring all of us in this changing seasons bracelet looks almost lost in it!!  And just as an extra THANK YOU I will be featuring one of ARTIBILITY's creations as our WICKED Wednesday featured artist!!!  

I couldn't decide which of her beautiful work I liked the best, so here are a couple of my favorites!!
Here is her #LINKLOVE page too.... ARTIBILITY

Now, I also want to give special notice to my long time wonderful friend, Marsha from Pandula Arts.  This article not only talked about her 'burned' out feeling - which I think we all go through at some point - but it mentions me and the beads I had sent her to make a drop spindle out of.  I know that she will find her inspiration again soon.......and I am sure that she will be off to create something that is SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL... like is one of my favorites of her work.....(her #LINKLOVE Page)

So, although this post is a long one, it sure has MANY things to look at and people to read about.  Please have a wonderfully WICKED Wednesday and enjoy being 'just a little wicked' today!! ~KM


  1. Thank you so much KM what a lovely shout out and to think i am the one that should thank you for sharing with us your beautiful talent

  2. That is simply a magnificent collage of brilliant fall colored items...I especially love the baby autumn dress, but everything looks just lovely. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Autumn :-)



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