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8 What's New Wednesday 7/2/14 (Cousin/Prima Beads, Miracle Beads and Paisley Lizard)

Today I get to tell you about my visit to the Cousin's / Prima Bead Warehouse! Let me tell you, it was AMAZING!! First I want to thank Ms. Liz Heggy.  She and I have been working together during my time as a Prima Bead Blogger and it was so nice to put a wonderful face with the 'emails'! She introduced us to EVERYONE and made us feel so welcome!!  

When we (hubby and I) first came into the building we were greeted by some of the most friendly people I have ever met.  But, I noticed TWO amazing things on the wall.  First, a Newspaper article about how this family run business started and who started it (you can read the story by clicking here).  But, the item that struck me the most - a chart of names that told how long the employees had been with the company!  It started out at 5 Years and went all the way to 35+ Years of employment!  The list, IMPRESSIVE to say the least!

Next we were walked around the office and able to meet so many nice people!  But they, as we started down the hall, I saw these dolls....

Aren't they BEAUTIFUL?  They were one of many gifts that come from over seas!  The detail...exceptional!

Then we were shown into this room....oh my!  These are containers full of older, retired or discontinued bead....please send them to my address is....


But the fun didn't stop there.  Next it was into the 'heart' of the warehouse.  This is where they box and ship all the items out to their retailers or customers.  The precision is amazing!!  It 'literally' is down to a science!! Just look at this!

And here are the boxes they still have to pack...many of their boxes are also recycled!!

But, off on one side I found this box... I just love the saying that have been put on it! Especially the one in the middle on the bottom!

But then, she took me to the, on the hooks and just looking at me....oh, the beads!!! This is a wall that is made up of one of their retail displays so that they can actually see what it would look like in the store!

And this is one of their halls....oh my!!

But this... this was the best.  Some of the new design coming....I know you can't see much, but let me just the website and your local store.  There are some new items coming (that I can't show you yet) that are simply amazing!!!

I have been told that there are some amazing things coming (that I haven't even seen yet) for the Prima Bead Bloggers.  And for that, I just say....I can't wait!! 

Thank you so much to ALL of the Cousin / Prima Bead employees for making us feel welcome and allowing us to see into your world - even if only for a few minutes!

Just look at this - it is a Miracle - well, Miracle Beads and Swarovski Crystals!! Click on the photo to see more views and/or to purchase this one!

If you haven't been watching, you should!! This BLUE stone is turning out even better than I had planned!!  Come on over to my Fan Page or Google+ page, I post 'working photos' throughout the day! 

Yesterday I introduced  Ms. Tammy Adams from Paisley Lizard.  Today I would like to tell you more!  Since she was about 14 she has been beading and designing jewelry!! But about 10 years ago she started really concentrating on selling it.  Starting simple with Semi-Precious Gemstone and basic supplies she has grown now to developing a beautiful style of her own!  She has now branched out into copper, brass, gunmetal and other metals to create her wonderful wire-wrapping.  Adding chain and wire crochet into the mix and it is easy to see why so many love her designs!

Now that she is 'borderline obsessed' (her words, not mine) with Polymer Clay she is able to make her own focal or bead if she can't find one that fits into her design. 

Tomorrow I'll tell you a little bit more about her - including where and how she sells her creations!!  But, before that, make sure you check out all her sites!!

Today I would like to leave you with this thought;

The Purpose of fun is to live it! ~Bernie Dekoven


  1. Thanks for the kind words and sharing my work again today, KM. And how lucky are you to have that beady tour. I think I would have locked myself in there for a week or three. Love the bright cheery miracle bead creations.

    1. You are welcome @tammy!! Trust me, I was looking for places to hide for a while so I could play when no-one was there!! Hubby even enjoyed it!! :) ~KM

  2. I'm new to your blog site, but I enjoyed reading this. I would have been trying to find a place to hide and play as well. Lol

    1. Well, welcome!! Thank you so much! I hope you keep coming back to watch my adventures!! :) ~KM

  3. This must have been so overwhelming for you to see all the amazing beads and the process of how they ship them will tell you this...I am going to DC soon for vacation and hubby and I get to visit ZnetShows warehouse while we are there...and after seeing what you saw and went through, I have a better idea of what I am in for. I think we dont realize the whole process of it all..and to see it first hand you must feel in AWE! But for us who buy our beads in the stores...we dont think much about it. Great experience I look forward too. I love the designs of Paisley Lizard...Thanks for sharing...

    1. Oh my, it was SOOOO much... I wanted to stop time and just run around saying 'MINE - MINE - MINE', but I held it together!!! I hope you have fun....let me tell you, they are efficient!!

      THANK YOU very much for your support in ALL things!! :) ~KM


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