Wednesday, May 30, 2012

0 Wonderful Wednesday 5/30/12

For those of you who watched my fan page and/or my studio you'll know that I was busy listing new items yesterday.  VERY BUSY!  Please, go check out my studio to find all the new items (I'll show off a couple here, but there is MANY more)

But first, I want to show off my Aye's amazing school project that just came home.  This is a model of a Trojan Horse.  I am just so surprised with how this one turned out.  It actually looks real!  The ONLY part I helped with was cutting the THICK foam out in the shape of a horse....the rest is ALL HER!!  Look close, there are several little details that are really cool!  There is a wooden ladder that is missing - I think it got broke at school - but it was there and it made it just - that much cooler!!

Aye's Trojan Horse


Then I want to show off something my dear friend over at Par-O-Dice creations just listed in my studio....this is just such a cute scarf!!

A Wash in Pink Scarf - a Par-O-Dice Creation



But thennnnn there is my new listing!!!  I just love these little OWL'S!  They have such a wonderful expression on their faces!!  What do you think??

 Ceramic Little Owl and Swarovski Crystal Necklace Set


Then there are the MANY new Cell Phone Charms for iPhone or Smart Phones.  Here is one of the more unique ones I listed.... but there was a skull, hearts, dragonflies, ladybugs/birds, eagles, motorcycle...... and more!

Blue Swarovski Gun Cell Phone Charm for iPhone or Smart Phones


So, what else can I tell you about?? I think that might be enough for today!!  I'll do my best to list the rest of the Charms today, but..... I must bead too!!  I hope your day is wonderful and full of fun!!

Kindness is loving people more than they deserve.

-Joseph Jovbert


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