Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1 Wonderful Wednesday 3/28/12

I am starting a little bit slow today, I have been so busy that even when I try to sleep my mind is still going like crazy!  I am sleeping, but still going through my lists and notes!!  Have you ever done this??  

I was able to list a new creations, and this one is so fun and 'fallish'!


Today I just have to show off my best friends newest creation.  This is her biggest creation so far and I am so amazed at her talent.  With NO formal training she just paints what is in her mind.....which is so beautiful!!  Here is


And for a quick last word....

Love demands all and has a right to it!

- Ludwig von Beethoven

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  1. oh I have done that - do that all the time.
    I dream excel spreadsheets, I dream listing and writing descriptions, and I dream patterns and lists. And when I am not dreaming those things, I can't remember my dreams, lol.


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