Tuesday, March 13, 2012

4 Terrific Tuesday 3/13/12

WOW, yesterday was a really wonderful day.  I was actually able to bead for about 4 hours - UNINTERRUPTED!!  LOVE'n it!! I am working on a sister to Ailani. Same color ranges, same type of flowers.... TOTALLY different. I can't wait to show you, but first, my new listing for today...

The Elephants are Running on the Landscape Necklace Set


Yesterday I was HONORED by a dear friend of mine, Marsha from Pandula Arts.  She wrote a post about who had inspired her over the years and I am SO very lucky to have her as my friend.  She and I have know each other for about 17 years and between our kids growing up and our lives changing we have always stayed friends.   If you would like to read what she wrote about me, please go to her BLOG and check it out.


And today I would like to close with this thought,

Friends are those we choose to carry us along the way.  ~KM


  1. 4 whole uninterrupted hours!? :) Good for you! And that necklace is beautiful-I actually have a friend who works with elephants and this reminds me of her.

    Friends are definitely wonderful things that make life worth living :)


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