Wednesday, April 13, 2011

3 Wonderful Wednesday

This WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY I would like to really feature a freind of mine.  She has always been artistic, however, about 10 years ago I 'pushed and pulled' her into cross stitch.  I still have her first creation on the wall in my kitchen!  Then - on her own - and mostly without a pattern she designed this wedding sampler for my hubby and I.  I can't even tell you how flattering and emotional it still is when I look at her work as I first walk in the front door!

Then as the years have gone on, she has focused back and forth between drawing and fiber arts.  As Marsha found her passion - weaving - she has still done her share of creating in other mediums.  These are just a few of her NON weaving creations!

Then there is the weaving and fiber arts creations she has made!

And now there is also a camera case and strap she just finished for me!!  Although I have her work - ALL OVER MY HOME - I can always use more!  Some of what she calls 'discards' are my favorite pieces. 

It is always so amazing how some of us have specialties and focus in one type of artwork and others have those 'creative bones' in so many forms of art!  Although Marsha has found her media with weaving she still picks up her artwork, beads and pine needles on occasion to create something wonderful.  

Along with her two dogs and a great friend she lives among the trees and beauty of Moutrie, Georgia.   Although we are now separated by hours of travel and a 'state line' we still talk almost daily and share our lives and creations with each other.  

Please go check out all her work, sites and leave a comment for her about her work.  I feel so honored to have known her for over 15 years and been able to call her my friend. 
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  1. Marsha is so talented in SEW many venue's!!! Kudo's to you Marsha ♥

  2. Max you humble me. Thank you just doesn't seem like enough. ;o} xoxoxo

  3. What a great mix of work, I love the hooked rug! Lovely to hear about your friendship too :)


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