Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2 Terrific Tuesday

First off today I want to share a wonderful experience I had yesterday.... I listed this set at about 4:40pm yesterday and it was sold by 5:00pm!!!  I can't believe it!!! And it is going to Northern Ireland!!!  Here it is....

And for many of you who haven't seen my Chocolate Hearts Bracelet, I am very proud of this one (and it is still for sale)...

OK, done with my bragging, sorry, I just couldn't help it! Sometimes the 'bragmonster' just takes over!!  

But I do want to show you this wonderful artist, too.  These cards are HAND stitched.  Talk about attention to detail!  Please go check out the MANY other card Ms. Bev from CrazyDazy has in her wonderful studio or on her Face Book Fan Page...

As you go through your TERRIFIC TUESDAY, please remember to stop, smell the roses and smile at those around you!  ~KM


  1. congratulations on your sale! That's wonderful - I love your beaded bracelets and the bookmarks that you make, Marci!

    Those are terrific cards - what a wonderfully unique idea! I think they look amazing! Totally frame worthy!


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