Monday, January 10, 2011

2 Marvelous Monday

Once again the weekend has flown by!  I spent ALL of my Saturday cleaning my Monster's room.  We re-arranged furniture.  Went through ALLLLL of his toys and 'things'.  Then organized everything for him so that my 5 year old can find his toys and he can PUT them AWAY when he is done!!  This is a NEW concept for him!  ha ha ha  He has always cleaned his room, but other than books and selected toys he just piled everything else in his drawers.  He is SOOO proud of his NEW room and of the OPEN floor that he has now.  Now if I can just get him to keep it that way.... Mommy needs to learn too!!!

Since the weekend was such a success I thought I would show off Marvelous Monday's feature in a new way....

This is one of my BEAUTIFUL ART AND ARTWORK ArtFire Guild Members - Artsy Phartsy- you can read more about her tomorrow on our blog - she will be our first featured artist.  There will be an in-depth interview that will show off even more of her work.  Please check it out - it will be posted tomorrow on the BA&A blog.   

Enjoy your Marvelous Monday, and remember, ONLY YOU CAN make your day MARVELOUS!!! ~KM


  1. You are the most productive woman I know...I bet you don't sit still one minute, well, other than to do your beading...nice featured art!

    Have a great day!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful feature. I look forward to seeing the interview tomorrow.

    Have a wonderful day.


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