Friday, January 14, 2011

2 Fantastic Friday

What a week this has been!  I did get to do some beading, but my life is still centered around cleaning at the moment.  This weekend - AYE's room.  That will be a bigger and longer project, but it will be well worth it.  I would love to show before and after photos, but there is NO WAY I am showing you the BEFORE!!!!

Then there is Monster's birthday party on Sunday, that will be the end to a perfect week!  Did everyone see the finish Car Organizer?  

Well, here it is....

Didn't Kris (ApronsbyMeMe) do a FANTASTIC job?  I can't wait for Monster to get it... he'll love it!

Then, I also was able to list this set

in my KraftyMax studio.  I also put it on the Fire Mountain Gems Fan Page and they are running a little competition.... can you click here - and 'LIKE' the photo?  I really could use the 'LIKE's'.  They put the listing that gets the most likes on the front of their fan page for a week!!!  YA HOOOO!

Now on to my Fantastic Friday featured artist... her name is Rhonda Myers and her studio is Rhomy. There is a full interview over at  Please go read more about her and find out about what inspires her beautiful work.

Please have a FANTASTIC FRIDAY and a wonderful weekend.  
Always remember to tell your friends and family how you feel about them.... say I love you often and smile even when someone is looking!! ~KM


  1. What an awesome car organizer, Kris should put those in her shop! Love it. Love Rhondas artwork, beautiful! :)


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