Thursday, September 2, 2010

2 Taken Thursday

Please go check out this wonderful article about one of my dearest and oldest friends Pandula Arts Creations. Not only have I been privileged enough to have known her for over 16 years, but I have been inspired by her art, as much as, she has been inspired by others. Please read this great article and pass it along....


On this Taken Thursday I have found a wonderful new photographer.  Her work started out of necessity and has grown into a passion. Her love of LIFE and beauty shows in her work.  Please don't forget to mark her shop for the future.  UrbanDesign has some wonderful creations.  You can also visit her on her Fan Page.

 Remember to be TAKEN away this Thursday in your art, your kids or maybe just a passing cloud.  ~KM



  1. Thanks so much, I appreciate that! And I love your friends work too, beautiful!


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