Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2 Wicked Wednesday

Today's theme will be Wicked Wednesday for the next while.  I have been feeling 'devilish' the last few may show?!?! 

First I have a quick request..... My dear friend MV has a poll up for the BEST UNDISCOVERED STUDIO......please.......go and vote for me, or for 'someone'.  Each link is click'able, so you can check out each shop and truly vote for your favorite
....but hurry, the voting ends Friday!

Then there is the 'WICKED' part of this wonderful Wednesday.  I found this great shop, Happy Cloud Supplies and this little great witch bead.  Please check out all the other 'cuties' in her shop and also check the 'like' button so that you can let your friends know you like her too.  

Enjoy your WICKED WEDNESDAY and remember to put a little bit of 'wicked' in all you do today!  ~KM 


  1. Oh, how adorable...I could think of several things to do with that adorble little witch bead ;-)

    Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day!

    Doris :-)


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