Wednesday, May 5, 2010

5 Waggin Wednesday

I woke up to find that The Pine Cone Tea Cup has awarded me with this very special Kreativ Blogger award.  

The rules state that I have to tell 7 things that most people don't know about me and then pass it along to 7 bloggers who have Kreativ Blogs!!  

Ok, here it goes....

7 things most of you don't know about me

~~ 1. I have a Masters Degree in Marketing/Business Management

~~ 2. I was born and raised in a VERY small town in Northern California (Angles Camp)

~~ 3. I love doing Cross Stitch and Crocheting

~~ 4. I love Scrapbooking

~~ 5. I served 4 years in the Navy @ Roosevelt Roads Naval Air Station, PR

~~ 6. All my kids were born on the 17th of the month

~~ 7. I love to bead...ops, you all know that one...I would love to visit Germany (where my family came from)

Now on to the FUN are 7 blogs that I think really deserve this Kreativ Blogging award.

Please visit all these wonderful blog, follow and comment on their GREAT work!!  Thank you..... ~KM


  1. Wow, thanks Max, 2 in a row. Now does this mean I have to tell 14 things about me? I don't know 14 people to give it to, lol. Thanks so much, I feel very special this morning!!

  2. Thank you! I posted it on my blog :)

  3. you are both welcome...and very deserving! ~KM

  4. Congratulations on your Award. What I find most amazing is that all your children were born on the 17th. How many do you have?

    That is incredible!

    Have a lovely day and thanks for visiting me ;-)

  5. Wow...

    I've been totally out of the loop... But absolutely honored to have been chosen now that I'm back online and reading a bit!

    Thank you SO very much!!!

    <3 A


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