Monday, June 8, 2009

0 It's Monday!!!

So, today is Monday and it was a busy week last week! Somehow girl scouts (my daughter and myself), school (my daughter), Florida guard (husband), mother-in-laws birthday, high school graduation (my neighbors daughter) and all the laundry and dishes in the world, and it all had to be done in the last week!!!

I still put most of everything off so that I could deign, create and relax with my jewelry, but I guess now it is back to reality! I must spend time today getting caught up, but I do have several items I plan on listing today, so please check back with my etsy site. I also have joined many other internet groups and forums, so I plan on listing them in the next couple of days (for me to keep track of too!).

Please continue to follow my etsy site - and support me with your thoughts.....

Thanks to all.


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