Thursday, August 25, 2011

9 Tantrum Thursday

Is it time  to throw a Tantrum already?  

What can I throw one about today? 

UUUmmmmm ? 

I think I'll 'talk' about shopping carts!

Yep, shopping carts!

My local superstore has been completely re-done over the past few months, a whole new layout and style!  It is actually nice!  The carts, however, are NOT new.  And over the past year or so they have gone to this new YELLOW LINE system.  This means that there are yellow lines on the outside area of their parking lot that once the cart rolls over the line it's wheels lock up.  This doesn't seem like it would be anything to throw a tantrum over, however, everyone seems to be going over the YELLOW LINES!  

Usually when I go to this store I have to go through about 4-6 carts just to find one that has all 4 wheels that roll.  This doesn't mean they roll right, or that they even roll well, just that they move at all.  Then there is the problem with the 'crocked' wheel or rusted bearings that make it able to turn...that is for another tantrum!!  Once I get through all those carts to find one (if there are any there - sometimes it is a trip BACK out to the parking lot to find on) I start into the store and some how I always get the cart that wants to only go left or I have to 'man handle' just to get it down the isle.  

Now, I know that I am not the only one that goes through this.  I know that I don't ALWAYS have this problem.  BUT, please, just please, take more time and spend more money on your carts or I'll go somewhere else!  

 Anyone else???  Why can't life be a rainbow of perfect carts - just waiting for me??


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  1. Totally hear you on the carts. My pet peeve is that there is a guy who works at my local supermarket whose job it is to take any carts that are in the corrals in the lot and bring them inside. This is very helpful when I have all three toddlers with me and I need to get them in cart stat. Thanks cart return guy.

    I am a new follower from the Thoughtful Thursday Hop.
    Vicky @

  2. I am a new follower and I would love if you came and followed me back at Free eBooks Daily

  3. That sounds horrible. I haven't heard of that sort of cart control where I live, but I might be driven to shop at another store. I wonder how many customers the store lost because of that new policy.

    (stopping by from Thoughtful Thursday Hop)

  4. We have those yellow lines at several stores here, too. I live in a neighborhood where many people walk to the store, so cart theft (borrowing?) is a big problem, because folks don't want to carry their groceries home. What's the solution? I don't know.

  5. Cart control? Seriously? Beyond ridiculous!

  6. That cart situation would seriously peave me off! I hate going to the grocery anyway, and I want to get in an out of there as quickly as possible. Love the bracelet!

  7. Hi! Follow you back, thank you :)

  8. Following you back from the Thursday Hop. Sounds as though a complaint to management is in order there.

  9. thanks so much for commenting/following! i'm following you back :)

    Lindsay @


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