Monday, June 13, 2011

6 Marvelous Monday

As many of you know I have been VERY VERY VERY busy!  Last week was the awards and graduation ceremony of my daughter Aye.  Talk about emotional!  Here she is - looking beautiful!

Since I am going to brag, which I just HAVE TO DO, here is the list of awards she won earned
(these are for the whole year).

A/B Honor Roll
A Conduct
Patrol Award and Trophy
Chess Medal
Reading Medal
FCAT pin (2 scores of 5 (almost perfect in Math and Science))

Then for this quarter she received
Perfect Attendance
A Honor Roll
A Conduct
Reading Award
Gifted High Level Award

So, do you think I should be proud???  

OH YA!!! OH YA!!! OH YA!!! 

And I wonder why I spoil her, with a kid that does this well, how could I not!


Now, on to the 'beaded' things I have been working on.  I have been working like crazy to get this wedding party set done for my childhood friends' daughter's wedding.  After having lost track for a few years we found each other through FaceBook and I have the honor of doing the her daughters' brides maids jewelry.  They will be wearing a Burgundy dress with black sash, here is what we came up with -

Aren't they beautiful?  I have to say, that they were a LOT of work!  Each necklace has over 180 hand turned Swarovski Crystals and each bracelet has more than 140!  Talk about 'labor intensive'!!  But, I loved every minute of it.  And NO, none of them are the exact same.  They were all done randomly and there is a slightly different bead count in each piece!  I just couldn't do them all the same!!


Then there is the necklace set that I made for the Artfire Beadweavers Guild.  If you remember back in March my Celtic Suncatcher won the popular vote (THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU) and I was able to choose the next theme, here is what I came up with:

Vintage China has always been something I love to look at.  Our work - beadweaving - was also VERY popular when this China was made.  The theme will be - VINTAGE CHINA.  It can be via the color scheme, the actual look and style reflecting China or even something that actually encompasses a piece of Vintage China.  Let's have fun and enjoy creating our designs!  ~KM

So here is what I designed - I hope you all like it, the voting is between the 14th and the 26th and I'll be asking you all to vote for me!!


In honor of my ABWG entry I want to feature this wonderful artist,  CatnipStudio.  Some of her work is simply amazing!  You really need to check out all her sites!  I just love this Cake Plate, but there are many more items I found that I liked too!  And talk about functional too!  Go visit her and let her know where you heard about her!
WOW, you would think that would be enough... well....  See what happens when I don't blog for two days?!?!?  I also will be listing a couple more new items this week for you all to see, they are fun and playful!  With being around all the KIDS at school over the past couple of weeks I have been able to see the JOY that these kids see in life.  Most of them have little to no worries and are so carefree.....I wish I was that young again!

Then I listen to the news.  Between the HEAVY smoke outside and the 98+ degree temperature with a predicted 102+ degree with the heat index I think about my day, I'll be beading INSIDE again!!  What are your plans for today?  Is it HOT where you are?


And here is the hop that I am doing today -


For today's thought, try to remember the little moments, when years have gone by, it is those 'little things' that you will value the most!  ~KM


  1. Wow! Your daughter did win a lot of awards! I'm glad you spoil her a bit too, my dad does the same for all my hard work!

    Those bracelets & necklaces look so gorgeous, and I'm sure they were a ton of work!

    Following you back now.

  2. Newest follower! Returning the blog love! Beautiful bead work. :o)

  3. Grats to the daughter for all her hard work paying off! Grats to you for all that hard work on the necklaces. They are nice!

    It is very hot here. And humid. I'm staying inside mostly myself. Good thing the internet is working again...most of the time.

    Following back. Simple Wyrdings

  4. How very proud you must be of your lovely daughter!
    The vintage china beadwork jewelry set is divine (as is the rest of your work), I love it. Thank you for featuring my mosaic in such an inspirational post!

  5. Wow! Wow! Wow!
    Absolutely wonderful!

  6. you should def be proud :D

    new follower stopping in from the alexa hop---thanks for stopping by :)
    Have a great week


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