Tuesday, August 17, 2010

4 Traditional Tuesday

Today I have found one of the most unbelievable artist for you.  This gentleman does is artwork on milled Lava.  Yes, you read that right.  You really have to go see his work, read about his 'process' and be AMAZED!  I have to say, Rosario of EtnaMadre has some of the most unique and beautiful work I have ever seen.  Please, read his 'story' to really appreciate his work.  

Remember to LIKE his shop, mark it for your MARKET and Share it with others...I did!! 

Also today I would like to 'PUT MY NUMBERS OUT THERE'!  I am so very amazed every time I open my Fan Page and see these numbers.  YOU, my fans/friends and #LINKLOVE followers, are the reason that these numbers are possible.  Yes, I make jewelry, so do sooooo many others out their.  I like to think mine is totally unique, but if you ever 'look out there' you'll be as humbled as I am.  My work is mine and it is what I do, but to look at the big picture and see the numbers down on paper...wow!!  I can't say much more than that.  So, please, understand that when I boast of my numbers I am 'TRULY' being very modest and trying to THANK YOU ALL more than anything.....I couldn't do it on my own!

Krafty Max Originals FaceBook Fan Page
  816 monthly active users 54 since last week
  2,636 people like this 49 since last week
  583 wall posts and comments this week 185 since last week
  1,806 visits this week 374 since last week 

Krafty Max Originals Twitter
   533 people follow me 17 since last week  

Krafty Max Originals Blog
   250 people follow me 6 since last week

Krafty Max Originals ArtFire Studio
   53,301 views to my studio 5,508  views since last week
    59 sales in total 9 in the last week

Thank you all, and please remember to make everyday a memory and a tradition for the future!  ~KM


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  3. Congratulations, Krafty - you earned it. You do so many nice things for others, so it's only right the favor gets returned to you!


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