Tuesday, September 2, 2014

0 Making Monday 9/2/14 (New Creations, Kickstarter and Lisa Wingate)

My goodness, what a weekend it was!! I hope that your weekend was as full as mine!! There was family time, friends time and so so sooooo much food!!!  But, it was a good time by all!

There wasn't much time for beading, but here is what I did at class on Friday Night.  These are so quick and fun to make....but I left them at Blended Treasures to be sold there....if you want a pair, just let me know and I'll custom make them for you!! :)


One of the other things we did was go to a local car show.  There were so many cars there...mostly older, but some new!  They were all wonderful, but this one really caught my eye.  I love the plate, if you look closely it says 'horseless carriage'!! And it's story! It was in a barn for many many years and then brought out to show off to the world and not much has been done to it since!  I also just love the simplicity of the engine! Just think, that is all it took to actually make a car go.....now when you look at the engines you can barely tell what is where!!

I have two new listings for today!! One is another NO HUSBAND NEEDED Klasp Helper.  These are selling like crazy!!! I will be making more this week, so let me know if there is a special color you would like!!


I also finished and listed this beautiful necklace!  I am very proud of the way this one turned out.  It has two different looks - click on the photo to go see more photos - and it can be 'dressed up' or 'dressed down' depending on what you want to wear it with!


And what always happens when I finish a creation?  I get to start a new one!!  YEP!! So, another fall bracelet is what I am going to do....for some reason fall is hitting me hard (in a good way) this year!! So, here are the colors... come on over to my Fan Page or Google+ page, I post 'working photos' throughout the day!

Each $1 makes a difference! So, if you can Pledge even that $1, SHARE the link to your friends/family or even just leave a comment it would help!! I am trying to take Krafty Max Originals to THE NEXT STEP!!

Have you signed up yet????  Have you done your 'daily' entries? Now is your chance....the winner will be picked in a couple of days!!

And if all that wasn't enough, look at this amazing collection I have been included in!!

Today I would like to leave you with this thought;

In our leisure we reveal what kind of people we are. ~Ovid


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