Wednesday, April 9, 2014

0 What's New Wednesday 4/9/14 (Featured Artist, BEAUTIFUL Grey and a Give-A-Way)

Today's new theme is; What's New...and boy, do I have a big one for you!! I am now on the Fire  Mountain Gems site as a featured artist!! is true!!  Here it is!! (click on the photo to go see the entire feature).

And just in-case you want to see, here are all my winning designs on Fire Mountain order.

And it is listed.....what do you think?  For something that is 'just grey', I think it turned out AMAZING!!

And here is the 'making of video' if you want to watch it!

I started this beautiful Tree with a swing yesterday and I have to say, I am already loving it!!  Remember, you come over and to my Fan Page or Google+ page throughout the day you can watch it grow!!

This give-a-way is slowly getting popular!!!  Remember to SHARE it if you can....and come back and do your 'daily' entries!! (and it has been changed a little - new images to PIN.)

Today I would like to leave you with a comment and then a thought.  First, I have heard from some of you that you don't think you are 'good enough' or 'proficient' enough to be a featured artist.....I think you are all wrong. To put it bluntly.  I am looking for people who love to make art/crafts and who want to be appreciated for your art/craft.  The featured artist can be a 5 year old that simply LOVES to paint or a 40 year old jewelry artist who has just started learning.  For me, being 'featured' is a way for ME to promote other people and SPREAD the word about art/crafts to the world.  So, PLEASE, if you are interested, contact me.....Think of it as 'putting your art/craft up on the Krafty Max refrigerator' for the world to see!  :)

And today I would like to have you remember to SMILE.



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