Sunday, December 22, 2013

0 Weekend Re-post 12/22/13 (Copper Braclet)

Weekend Re-Post
Originally posted on - Wednesday, September 2, 2009

  MY bracelet!!!

So, I thought I would show off a little bit today...I just finished this bracelet over the weekend, and am now working on a watch to match...I have to be 'flashy' too when I walk out in public! Copper has always been one of my favorite metals, but up until recently it was very hard to find. Now there is a bunch on the market, so I figured it was finally time to make myself something! The clasp is actually magnetic (hence the safety chain) and a LARGE Swarovski Crystal!

With this set, even if I have on jean shorts, I will feel glamorous! Just wait until I show you the watch...maybe I'll even do a necklace too....

These are MINE, but you are welcome to look...Enjoy!


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