Wednesday, September 25, 2013

10 Wacky Wednesday 9/25/13

It's Wednesday!!  Yep, it sure it!! Today there will be a new FaceBook fan of the week chosen, my give-a-way ends tonight and midnight and I get to spend another day beading!!  WHOOO HOOOO, it will be a great 'hump day'!! 


This wonderful Peridot necklace set is my newest listing for today!  I have to say that this one is a very BOLD set, but will make a statement by whoever wears it!!

And for those who watched this one being made, it is now back for sale.  It was 'spoken for', but it has now been 'put back on the market'.  Grab it up, this one might sale fast!! 


So, you've discovered that the logo is for the Barcelona Soccer Team....but WHAT am I going to do with it - this design is the BACK of it??  Remember, it is for a MAN!!  Here is a hint (he can 'carry' it with him)!! Please come on over and watch the creation grow on my Fan Page or Google+ page throughout the day !!


So, want to see more from my Prima Blog Team 'tis the season' collection??  These are NOT jewelry, but they are great and fun!!! 

Bookmarks.....YEP!!  These are leather thongs that can fit into any book....and they dangle and sparkle!!

And then, there is this tie!  This is also leather and can be used to 'wrap' or 'tie' up a package instead of a bow for Christmas.  You could also  us this a wrap bracelet - ok, maybe jewelry!?!?! 

Remember, I will be using all these as give-a-ways.


Today is the last day to enter this give-a-way.  I am so excited about this one!!  Remember your daily 'tweet' entry too!! BUT, make sure you please come back, I will have more like this one coming up soon!! 


Today's featured artist is: SmilingCloud. This wonderful artist created so many things that have 'movement' in them!  I just love the way that many of these seem to float off the page.  There are so many unique creations in this studio - and something for everyone!  Please remember to always support handmade artist - they create out of love!

Spring Blossom Humming Bird Fuchsia White Pillow Cover. Decorative


 I am joining in a blog hop today... come join in with me??


Today I would like to leave you with this thought:

A heart to resolve,
a head to contrive,
and a hand to execute. 


  1. The book marks are so cute. Thank you for sharing your crafts.

  2. Ok Max... can you guess what I am working on??? It has a flower umbrella, and you made it just for me...If I tell you more, you will guess.. I am 3/4 the way done, and I can't wait for you to see it!

  3. Firstly, congratulations to the very lucky winner! Even though I'm undoubtedly green with envy I really am happy for whoever won that amazing prize package :)

    Secondly, I have no doubt believing that sunflower bracelet of yours will go fast!

    Thirdly, happy Thursday ^.^

    1. Thank you.... I hope your day was wonderful!!! ~KM

  4. The bookmarks are a great idea - I'm inspired to try this for stocking stuffers!


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