Monday, May 20, 2013

2 Happy Birthday Dad! 5/20/13

Happy Birthday to my Dad today!!  He has been an inspiration in my life in SO many ways!!  Here are some photos with my my dad and my youngest during our trip home last fall!!

And if you wonder where I get many of my ideas and much of my talent.... this is what my Dad (and mom) do for a living!!  And YES, they are all hand made by my dad....each piece!!! (I have this one...with ALL the extras!!)

Happy Birthday DAD!


  1. Nice Birthday note. Love the pictures and the photos of the old man and grandson. He looks older than I remember him.
    What are those fancy letters I have to figure out to publish my comment? No wonder us old folks do not use computers. It is terrible handwriting and hard to read. Reminds me of some student's work!! And some are spelled wrong (bright red sp mark).

    1. Dad, you are just right!! I love you!! ~KM


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