Tuesday, April 23, 2013

1 Tantalizing Tuesday 4/23/13

Today I am spending the day beading.....big surprise, hu?  Well, it is going to be a day of JUST beading!! I was able to get all my 'work' and 'cleaning' done yesterday in-between everything else, so today, just BEADING!!!!  I am working on a LINE of jewelry for a BIG PARTNERSHIP I am working on!  I am so excited... I can't tell you to much YET, but watch for more news towards the end of the week....hopefully!!

But for today, I get to bead, bead and bead....and pick out the 5 items for tomorrows Treasure Hunt!!!!  They will be good one's!! 


And here, is my current project.  This is another great creation with a beautiful center from  Kimis jewelry and gifts.   And don't forget you can watch my current project grow on my Fan Page or Google+ page.  Here is the last photo from yesterday!


I just love this new listing, the celtic focal just pops along with all these crystals!!! 


Today's featured artist is;  Coolisart.  This amazing artist not only has a degree in art, but also has a home that is set to inspire her!  She over looks the Tennessee River and finds 'creatures' and animals right out side her door!  I just love all these knobs, they are MY Monster - perfectly!! She has such a fun studio, you really must go check it out.  And remember, always support handmade artists!

Custom Hand Painted Cute Little Monster Creature Drawer Knobs


Today I would like to leave you with this thought:

Let some things remain a mystery!

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  1. I wouldn't mind taking a whole day to just work on jewelry and explore my stash! Lately I find myself so busy that my designing falls by the wayside o.O

    I really hope you enjoyed your beading day and got a lot accomplished!


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