Sunday, March 3, 2013

0 Weekend - Repost 3/3/13

Originally posted on Monday, April 18, 2011

Marvelous Monday 

What a weekend we had!!

I'll try to remember everything that we did.... I'll try!

First, let me show off the SIX, yes, SIX collections I was featured in over this past week.... my goodness, everyone else was busy too!!  Please go and leave comments, 'STARS' and look at the beautiful items/art that were featured along with me.  Please make sure you also check out the studio's that created the collections!!

Isn't that just amazing!!  I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to be included in so many collections.  Then, I found out that I have been featured by a  friend on her blog.... theknitwitbyshair.  What an honor!   Please go check her out!  ALSO, you can find her on FaceBook - The Knit Wit

Over the weekend Kris'   granddaughter turned 3 - isn't she cute?!?!

Then on Sunday we decided to take a day trip - very impromptu - to the beach.  It was the 'offical opening parade'.   The Parade was WONDERFUL - almost 2 hours of entries!  The Shriners turned out in a BIG way - they had about 5 troups with them and they were GREAT!!  I took a movie, but it didn't turn out very well.... next time!

And then there was the beach...

And it was windy and the water was cold, but....

Have a great Monday today and please remember to make new memories each day! ~KM


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