Monday, January 28, 2013

4 Manic Monday 1/28/13

Oh my goodness, it IS a Manic Monday!!  I have so much to do today - and most of it is catching up with things from the weekend!!  Over the weekend my hubby celebrated his 40(something) birthday!  We went out to dinner with a group of friends and family - over 20 of us!!  It was a blast!!  

Yep, that is hubby and I.... I just love my hubby.  He is the only reason I have been able to pursue my dreams and passions!


Well, I actually have 2 current projects right now.  This one is ALMOST finished, it just needs the 'finishing touches' and a photo shoot to be done....

And then there is NEW project I'll get to start today.... I already picked the colors out... this one will be a VERY colorful bracelet! It is a custom order and I can't wait to see how it turns out!!  

Remember, you can watch this bracelet grow on my Fan Page or Google+ page, row by row!


Yep, you can win this book, just click on the book to be taken to the link!!


Today my featured artist is: stitchcrazysisters.  Although this 'sister' duo doesn't have much on their BIO page it is easy to see their passion!  They have created some amazing creations fro the 18 inch dolls.  My daughter has a rather large collection of the American Girl Dolls (thanks to a favorite Great Aunt) and I have to say, these are some outfits she would just love!!  Please go visit this great studio and remember to always support handmade artists when you can. 

2-Pc Sweater and Skirt Set for 18-inch Dolls


And now, for a closing thought for today;

For ALL Mothers - 

Like the loving stitches of a quilt you connect us to what really matters.  Each Other.  Our stories.  The heart of who we are.


  1. You and your hubby make a cute couple. You look very happy together! :)

    1. Thank you Andi-Roo, I can honestly say that after almost 20 years he is still the 'love of my life' and the 'rock that I BANG' against!! :) ~KM

  2. You make my heart smile!!!!!! Thank you!!


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