Sunday, September 9, 2012

2 Weekend Re-Post 9/9/12


Weekend Re-Post from 3/21/12

Marvelous Monday

So, this was a weekend of fun, friends and family - MARVELOUS!!!

On Friday night one of my dearest friends and her family arrived for the weekend with her family.  It was wonderful to have them here.  

She brightens my day - like a Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow - just with her presences!!!

Then Mom-in-Law spent the day with the kids as a local Church Carnival - they were HOT, exhausted and full of laughs when they got back!

While they were gone Hubby and I planted and worked on the yard!  It was HOT, tiring and very gratifying!!!

Over the weekend I also received a custom order from paintingfromtheheart.  This lady - over the last few years - has become a wonderful friend to both myself and Kris (ApronsbyMeMe).  I had Ms. Elfie make these wonderful little trinket boxes for us... for Kris it was a complete surprise!  

Aren't they perfect?  

Here is a couple more of her items.....

My biggest problem - how can I just choose one more???

And then you see this work - it is her's as well....

Talk about TALENT!!  Please go visit her and let her know how BEAUTIFUL she is - and her work!!  

I hope that you are all having a WONDERFUL and MARVELOUS Monday - I know I will!!  ~KM


  1. Oh WOW! I wish I could paint like that. She surely does have immense talent! :)

    Those little boxes are too adorable, too. They would make a beautiful customized gift for anyone!

    1. Isn't she talented? I just ordered a name plate for my office door... I love her creations!!


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