Tuesday, September 18, 2012

2 Terrific Tuesday 9/18/12

Is it really Tuesday?  REALLY?  When did that happen??  Somehow, I guess, I was so busy that I missed yesterday!!?  I got a lot done, but somehow it seems to all have gone by in a blur!  Well, I guess that just means that I need to do more today and SLOW DOWN!!!  Has this ever happened to you?  I know what will help... I do some more beading today!!  Here is what I put out on my tray yesterday... remember, you can follow along with the design on my   Fan Page or Google+.

I also showed off these great gemstones that I have on-hand to work on.  The teal one in the center was by far the most popular!!!  I guess that is my next project?!?! 

What do you think??  You could help me choose the next project (after the teal)!!

Here is today's featured artist - CandyCottage.  These amazing monkeys are made out of CHOCOLATE!!  YEP, I said chocolate!!!  Oh MY!! This amazing mother and wife has taken her 'sugary' treats to a new level!  I just love all of them!!  What a great party treat!  Please go check out her studio and remember to support handmade artist whenever you can!

Jungle Monkey Lollipops


I would like to leave you with this thought....

The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings.
~ Dave Weinbaum


  1. I'm of course a big fan of that absolutely gorgeous stone on the bottom left-hand side since it's purple of course ^.^

    1. of course you pick out the purple one!??!! THANKS!!


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