Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2 Terrific Tuesday 5/1/12

Yesterday I spent the day catching up!  It is amazing to me how quickly you can fall behind!  I think I am just about ready for a vacation!  Ya, RIGHT?!?!  That would just mean more 'catch up' when we get back!!!  :)))  So, I am here, happy and full of life, beading my days away..... you know what, I AM on vacation - I don't think I really can complain!!

Yesterday I was able to make a few more things from my Grandmothers Stash - I'll list them later in the week.  For today, the newest listing is

Sterling Silver Plated Dolphins and Swarovski Crystal Anklet


I have also been working on some earring that I will try to finish later this week - they are Swarovski Crystals and beadwoven... they are turning out really nice!  What do you think?


Alright, there are still a few days left.... come see the review and give-a-way from Mom Does Reviews  on this bracelet I made her....

and the necklace set I am giving away - it seem to be a big hit too....
So 'click on over'!!  There are some great people to follow and daily entries you can do!


For any of you looking for my featured artist, I have started to do in on my FaceBook Fan Page.  The reason?  It helps the people I feature get more notice!  So check it out there everyday!!


Today I leave you with this:

Kindess is like a rose, which though easily crushed and fragile, yet speaks a language of silent power.

-Frances J. Roberts.


Thank you so much for reading my post and leaving a comment. THANK YOU and enjoy!! ~KM

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