Wednesday, February 22, 2012

4 Wonderful Wednesday 2/22/12

So today is another beautiful day, don't you think so?? 

I think spring is on it's way!!


Here is my newest listing - it is another needle holder!  I like the simple stripes!! 


So today I am working on my beads and spending my day cleaning my home!  I will do a featured artist tomorrow!  I might even do a blog hop too!  So to leave you today, I'd like to remind you to...



  1. Oh man, I really hope Spring is on it's way! That would be much, MUCH appreciated :)

    I'm a fan of the stripes as well-It's nice and simple, but still very gorgeous!

    1. Thank you!! Are you seeing any signs of 'life' and 'flowers' in your area yet?? ~KM


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