Wednesday, November 23, 2011

4 Wonderful Wednesday 11/23/11

Oh my, what a wonderful day this is!  My kids are off - until Tuesday of next week - and I have so much planned!!  I can't wait for the day to begin!!  I have several 'projects' that the kids are going to help me with over the next few days.  My daughter, Aye, has asked if she can help with the cooking of EVERYTHING!!  She has always shown interest in cooking and learning how to cook, but it is usually VERY much in passing.  I think this time it is a full fledged idea!  Well, she will be 12 soon!

I was surprised yesterday by a knock at the door and this beautiful centerpiece!

Don't I have a WONDERFUL hubby?  He ordered this (I found out) about a week and a half ago!  He is WONDERFUL!


Here are the most recent photos from my current creation!

Row 73

Row 79

Row 85

Row 90

* Currently 29h24m invested in beading (1h37m in design of pattern)

I am joining in with the Black Friday and Cyber Monday FUN over at ArtFire.  Here is what I am offering (mine has already started).
Free Shipping  of any of my Krafty Max Original items from my studio
and also any books, kits or magazines in my DESTASH studio!
to the US and Canada between 
11/21/11-11/29/11 ENJOY!! ~KM
Don't forget to leave your blog under the 'favorites' tab at the top for ALL to see!!  I'll be starting Fan Page links and Twitter links soon!
Remember that sharing the work is 1/2 the fun!  Just think of how much time you will have with your loved ones in/around the kitchen over the next few days - you may even find out something new about them!  ~KM


  1. Beautiful centerpiece! =)
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I hope you guys had fun cooking together! My daughter seems to show interest in the kitchen. I hope she keeps it!

  3. @MichelleThe interested lasted about 1/2 an hour! Maybe next year!! I had SO much fun!! ~KM


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