Saturday, November 19, 2011

1 Fabulous Friday 11/18/11

So, yesterday I spent the day with the kids and getting my BUTT whooped by a friend playing cribbage!  I love playing cards, but boy, some-days I wish I had LUCK on my side!  I am not TOO many games behind, that I can't mount a 'comeback' next week, but still!!  

But then luck was on my side when I went to the mail box.  I received these WONDERFUL bows that I had ordered from HermanasBowtique.  They were custom orders for my Aye.  If you didn't know, she is a PEACE SIGN girl.  She LOVES peace signs.  So, check out this one that HermanasBowtique made for her....

Then there is this one...


I think the rainbow one might have to be mine!!!  Thank you so much for these GREAT bows!!


I do NOT have a new listing today, but I will show off a custom ordered bracelet I just sent out.  This one is a very special design for a very special cancer survivor.


Here is my new DEEPLY DISCOUNTED item for the week

Christmas Poinsettia Hand Woven Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

Was $86 Sale $45 - ONE week ONLY


Here are the list of blogs I found this week


I have a big project to work on this weekend, so I would just like to wish everyone a KRAFTY weekend.  ~KM

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  1. I'm not too huge into bows myself, but those are SO cute!! And they make great presents :)

    Good luck on your big weekend project!


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