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Originally posted on Monday, May 9, 2011

  Marvelous Monday

What a MARVELOUS weekend it was!  Yes, it was Mother's Day and YES, I was 'taken care of' yesterday by my kids!  Here are the 'little' gifts I got from hubby and my kids!

From Hubby

Card from Monster

Candle from Monster

Coupon Book from Aye

What a great day.  Mom-in-law came over and enjoyed the day with us.  Hubby BBQ'd hamburgers and hotdogs for us and I had 'pre-made' several dips and appetizers.  It was a GREAT DAY!!


Here are my hops for today

Type A Twitter Monday


As this week starts, please look back and remember a special moment with a special someone and smile - it was a good time!  ~KM


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