Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2 Terrific Tuesday

Yesterday I received my beautiful ACEO's that I ordered from MelodysMiniArt.  Remember, I featured her just last week?  Talk about prompt service! The bunny on the right side is actually her card!!  The bunny in the middle top is a great post card that says Happy Halloween!  Please go check out her studio, it will be SO worth your time!


Here is my listing for today.  I know that this one didn't photograph very well, but, it is BEAUTIFUL!!


Today's featured artist is redwoodhenna.  This wonderful mother of a 'well-behaved' 16 year old does some amazing henna work.  I just love this candle, but TRUST me, there is SO many beautiful creations!!  Please, go check out her sites and remember to tell her where you heard about her. 


For today I would like to close with another one word....




  1. Thank you for featuring my candle on your lovely blog! You've got some great stuff on here!

  2. @Vegas Henna

    You are more than welcome, I hope it helped! ~KM


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