Tuesday, April 26, 2011

4 Terrific Tuesday

So if it wasn't enough to have all the fun of Easter last week I also received all my prizes!  
Prizes you ask?  
Well, back at the begining of the 
month I was drawn from MV's entries....

....and I got to choose each of my gifts from these wonderful places!  Can you believe that???  So, each certificate was for $10.00 and in a couple of shops I DID spend a little bit more, but not much!  SO, do you want to see what LUCKY me won??  DO you???  OK, here they all are.....

Now, if that isn't lucky.... I just love all my new gifts.  Aye has already taken the earrings - I am not even sure I even got to open that package!!  She saw the Happie Hippie Chick and it was all over!!  The logo even has a peace sign in it!!   And the rainbow earrings from MV seem to be missing too.... don't get me wrong, I just love the gifts I have, but I guess it is my fault the others are gone - I DID buy them with Aye in mind!!  :)

So, for any of you that don't know it, each month MV does these FUN games on her blog.  If you want a chance to win you had better check back at the begining of the month... I know I'll be playing agian next month!!  

Have a Terrific Tuesday 
and think about 
all the wonderful flowers that are starting to bloom - 
every one blooming just for you!  ~KM



  1. Beautiful gifts! I'm so happie you and your daughter loved all the gifts! Thanks for sharing our links with your followers. =D

    I'm looking forward to playing Mv's games with you again!!

  2. thanks for following me! i am now following you back.


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