Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2 Terrific Tuesday

Although I am inspired by my beads, today I am just not inspired by my blog, please look at these WORKS OF ART that are helping me be inspired!

What inspires you??  ~KM


  1. Well, let's see - there's so many things, like my dog - a gorgeous day like today - a dear friend who wants me to crochet something for her? Christmas - a lot of things really, depending on how I feel this morning.

    ...but the biggest and most immediate inspiration is when I go browsing (YES, and buying) at Hobby Lobby or Michaels - that place does it for me EVERY TIME!

  2. I like Michaels too, but I LOVE Hobby Lobby!! Talk about a little bit of everything!! We are still going to come back up for a visit.... LIFE just seems to get in the way!! ~KM


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