Monday, February 14, 2011

5 Let's Have some FUN!!!


Follow my blog (and yes, I'll check) then simply find the post with my Mom and Dad in it. Comment under that post and tell me what COMPANY they own. Then, TWEET about my FUN GAME with #KMSMILE and you'll get extra points. Post on FaceBook about my game and you'll get even more extra points. So.....


Comment on the post about what company they own - 10 point
Tweet about the game (with #KMSMILE) - 1 point each time
Post on FB about the game - 1 point each time 

(you'll need to let me know where/when you posted)

POINTS you can earn - almost unlimited!!!

...Three prizes available...
1st prize - $30.00 Gift Certificate to my Studio
2nd prize - $20.00 Gift Certificate to my Studio
3rd prize - $10.00 Gift Certificate to my Studio

This game will be open for 48 hours only. The FUN will end on 2/11/11 2/18/11 6am (est). Winner will be announced by NOON on 2/11/11 2/18/11. (Game has been extended)!!


  1. shared here:

  2. Stuck on my phone this morning, but as soon as I get the computer I will tweet and FB!

  3. Did FB again. Can't link you though!!


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