Monday, January 24, 2011

5 Marvelous Monday

This morning I wake up renewed and ready for the week!  I worked over the weekend on the house some, but mostly I spent the weekend with my family relaxing!  I did work on the Celtic Artwork piece some, but I am VERY unsure of it.  Don't get me wrong, it WILL be beautiful, but.... is it going to be a competitor among all those great bead weavers that I will be competing with???  
What do you think?

If you can't remember what the full pattern looks like....

Please let me know what you think, I am still not sure what to do.  I am thinking of finishing this, but doing something else for the competition!  Not really sure!  Please leave comments! PLEASE!

While I was looking around on ArtFire I found this wonderful lady's shop, BellaStitchery.  She is loves stitching and scrap booking.  This pattern is for sale in her studio along with several other BEAUTIFUL Cross stitch patterns!  Please go take a look and remember to let her know where you found out about her!! 

Today, as you go about your day,remember to look for even the little 'flutter' it might just be a butterfly!  Don't miss it!  ~KM


  1. I don't think you should second guess yourself!! This Celtic Piece is beautiful!! And the way you are going to display it will make it a perfect piece!!

  2. I agree with MeMe whole heartedly. This piece already looks like it is going to pop!

  3. Some how I posted anonymously...not sure how that happened. Anyway it is me Max!

  4. I think your Celtic design will look awesome, but I don't think I'm qualified to give my opinion on beading...I have no idea what beaders do in a competition!

    I just think the design you're working on is lovely!

  5. Thank you all so very much - sometimes it is hard for me to see the work!! THANK YOU!! ~KM


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