Monday, December 6, 2010

4 Monday Marketing

I hope that all of you had just as WONDERFUL of a weekend as I did!  It was SOOOO busy! My daughter had her 11th Birthday party, my hubby had his Florida National Guard Holiday Party and we had a sleepover for some of the birthday girls friends..... ohhh ya, and I beaded, oh my!  Yes, I am exhausted!  Here is a couple of photos from our weekends events!

 If you would like to see more photos, please visit my Photo Page.

Now, on to the MARKETING Monday part of today.  I recently had a new fan handmadebygem ask me about how to change your FaceBook fan page from a long

to just a simple

IF you are over 100 fan on your FAN PAGE, you can change your fan page link from the long URL to a short one by using this link: 

this is a great way to simplify how people find you.  Don't worry, all the people you already sent out the LONGER version to will still be able to find you.  

Ms. Gemma has some wonderful thing for you to look at in her ship, handmadebygem.
Please go check out her creations and maybe even order something for the holiday, or that special someone!

I hope that if you don't already have your shorted URL, please go get one.  Enjoy your day, remember to MARKE
 everywhere you can!  ~KM


Thank you so much for reading my post and leaving a comment. THANK YOU and enjoy!! ~KM

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