Thursday, November 4, 2010

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Today I am finishing my TO DO list for this weekends show....39th Festival of the Arts  ... and packing.  Because it is an away from home show there is more to pack - cloths, extra shoes, etc.  But, I am almost done already!!!

And yet, somehow I still found today's featured artist......and boy is it a good one!  As many/most of you know, I love dragonflies....well, here is one that is useful and beautiful!  Please check out Hummingbird Studio's studio and see all the wonderful mugs, cups and bowls that Jim and Gina have made.  After years (and I mean years) of working together and perfecting their artwork it is easy to see why I fell in love with this all know that it is ALMOST CHRISTMAS, right???  *HINT* *HINT*

Please find something to be TAKEN with today, even if it is a piece of artwork!  ~KM


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