Friday, October 15, 2010

2 Fabulous Friday

I can't even tell you how busy and long this week has been!  Somehow I have made it through and feel that I am 'mostly' ready!!  I have done so many shows in the past - I used to do them almost every weekend - and somehow this one seems almost like my first!  After the last show I discovered that my table risers weren't working anymore - so those had to be replaced.  Then I had taken all the earrings off my racks since I knew I wasn't doing a show for a while and....well, I sold most of I had to make almost 3 racks full of earrings.  Then I realized that since the last show I moved my studio from Etsy to ArtFire.  I already had all my cards and postcards, but they all need to be replaced in my 'stock'.  Oh ya, and then I realized that the item numbers from Etsy didn't match the ArtFire numbers...whole new problem!!  Basically I re-tagged ALL my items!!!!  There were many more 'small' details - like washing the table cloths getting change to use for the show and such - but I think I am ready!!!  

Yep, READY!!!   

Well, maybe.....nope, READY!!!

I must say that I really don't think I could have done it all without the help of my Mom-in-Law.  She has laughed, slaved and gone a little crazy with me this last week and a half!!  Did I mention that through all this I have been sick and had a very soar ankle?  She even put up with my  complaining, coughing and exhaustion!!  What a great Mom-in-Law, HU??? These photos are all for you....

Somehow with all these things to do I actually got a whole bunch of #LINKLOVE done too this week....the list is long, but they are NOT in any order....please remember to let them know where you got their Fan Page's from.....

Enjoy your weekend - after all this prep I need to time to sell and be quiet!!!  It will be a FABULOUS WEEKEND - for you too?? ~KM 

P.S. I just found out I have also been included in this wonderful Collection from StephanieRonnyeknit1bead2 
...what a wonderful way to start off the weekend!!!! Thank you!

Handmade Gifts

A favorite of mine from StephanieRonnyeknit1bead2's studio...


  1. You are a Champion!! That's why you are my Idol!!!LVU

  2. Yes, you are! I got tired just reading about all you went through - what a fabulous MIL you have - those birds are awesome! Just lovely - I wish I knew what that first one was? It's amazing!

    I hope you are feeling better or at least getting some well-needed rest after the show.

    Congratulations on being in another beautiful collection and that scarf looks amazingly soft and warm:-)

    Heppy weekend to you too. Take good care of yourself, my friend!

    Doris and Gizzy

    p.s. When you get a chance, can you please explain to me what Linklove is and how does it work? Thanks!


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