Thursday, July 29, 2010

18 July Contest

Here is my Give-A-Way.....please pass it along, I would really like to give these wonderful prizes to 
someone who wants them.    

Only a COUPLE of days left!!!


RE-POST - After starting off JULY with a BANG of sales, I would like to hold a give-way.  This Give-A-Way will run from 
today (July 8th) to July 18th (midnight EST) 
extended to July 31st (midnight EST).

Currently (as of July 29th) I have:

FaceBook - 2,510 Fans
Blog - 238 Fans
Twitter - 503 Followers
ArtFire LIKE's - 121 Followers
ArtFire - 46 Sales

These numbers are so very impressive.......I am so very thankful for all of you.  Now, I want to reward you all!!!  This month I am offering a FREE pair of Swarovski Crystal earrings with any $10.00+ purchase and FREE shipping on ALL orders.  BUT, there is more to come!!  I really want to really BOOST 
my numbers even more (all of them)!!!!  SO......

I will be giving away this bracelet
to the winner of this contest.

There will also be 3 RUNNER up prizes.... 
they will be a surprise for the winners

Here are the rules and the contest....

~~~~~ POINTS ~~~~~
1 point - For everyone who is a FAN (LIKE'r) of my Face Book Fan Page (present or new - just remind me if your currently following me)

1 point - For every Twitter follower (present or new - just remind me if you are currently following me)

1 point - For every BLOG follower (present or new - just remind me if you are currently following me)

1 point - For every LIKE'r on my ArtFire Shop (present or new - just remind me if you are currently following me)

1 point - For telling me your favorite item in my ArtFire shop (must include the link in your comment) 

3 points - For everyone you refer to my Fan Page (must tell me you referred them)

3 points - For every promotion or mention of my contest on ANY of these sites (copy and paste link or 'mention' me so it posts on my pages)

10 points - For every item purchased from my ArtFire Shop (only new orders count)

Make sure you post your comments here so that all your points can be counted.  Feel free to pass along this post so that everyone can join in!  

Thank you and ENJOY!!!!  ~KM


  1. Hi Krafty Max!! I have already been a fan on FB, just followed you on Twitter & your blog. Liked your ArtFire shop. My favorite item in your Artfire shop is Blue Butterfly Swarovski Crystal Anklet or Bracelet but can't figure out how to comment on it. ( I have a fan page on FB so I'm going to go mention you there & your contest there! Good luck & much success!!

  2. What a beautiful Bracelet, Krafty and how generous of you to offer it as a giveaway...very pretty!

    I follow your blog and your flicker and I know I'm your friend on facebook, but have to check and see if I "like" your fanpage...I'll go see if I can find it. I don't go to Artfire very often, but will try to find you there too since I also have a shop really make us work for this ;-)
    Thanks again and have a great day, my friend :-)

  3. love
    by the Skin of ...

  4. I am currently a fan on facebook; you have beautiful jewelry! Do you need the points entries as different posts?

  5. I now follow you on Twitter. (SweetsLady)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I love the Georgeous!

  8. Posted on my Facebook page -

  9. Facebook...Blog...Twitter fan as you know. :o)

    Liked your shop a long time ago.

    Off to "share" again on FB (2nd time).


  10. Great contest! I liked your fan page as Jan Ogle, following your blog as On Pens and Needles, now following you on Twitter as Onpensandneedle, liked your Arfire shop and found this great necklace in my favorite colors.

  11. Fan on FB

    Heather Moore
    kaleidoscopejane at yahoo dot com

  12. Follow on Twitter


    kaleidoscopejane at yahoo do tcom

  13. Following blog via gfc

    kaleidoscopejane at yahoo dot com

  14. Favorite item:

    kaleidoscopejane at yahoo dot com

  15. LOVE the colors on that bracelet! I am already a FB fan, just followed you on Twitter and your Blog and am going to give you a shout out on my FB fan page!!!


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