Friday, June 25, 2010

10 Fabulous Friday

Fabulous Friday already????  I can't believe how fast this week has gone...another week of summer vacation down...will I live through it all??  I would like to make this Fabulous Friday a bit different, as I have been trying to promote myself and several of my LINK LOVE fans.  I would like to make a PARTIAL list of just SOME of my favorite shops.  

Please don't feel left out if you aren't on here - I can't put everyone on in one day - I have toooooooo many favorites.  Please check out each of these wonderful Fan Pages and make sure you LIKE them all.  I am going to try to do a new list every week - it may take a while to show off ALL my wonderful friends, but I'll try!!!  

Hope your FRIDAY is FABULOUS and you make some fabulous memories today!  ~KM  


  1. Thank you my dear friend, I am going to have to start doing this too, I have neglected things lately!

  2. Thank you thank you!!! You are just too sweet!!

  3. Oh, what lovely butterflies...and thanks for including me. I appreciate that, dear heart.

    Here's wishing you a lovely weekend.

    Doris and Gizzy :-)

  4. Oh my -- Thanks for including me!! You are just too sweet! Great minds think alike...I've been thinking of doing something similar on my blog too! (I love those butterflies, by the way)

  5. HI Marci!!
    Thank you SOOO much for the link love!!! xoxoxox

  6. Hey Marci!!!

    Thank you sooooooooo much for including my FB page among such great artists. I'm truly honored and happy :) Off to check out your list and once again thanx a million!!!


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