Friday, April 9, 2010

2 Fabulous Friday

This Fabulous Friday I am so very renewed.  Today I am taking my kids (+1) to the 100 year anniversary of Disney on Ice!!  I can't wait.  I am as much a kid at these things as they are.  So as I looked around Etsy this morning I was looking for something FABULOUS and also something that had that CLEAN AND RENEWED feel.  I found it!  Raceytay's Stunning, Striking & Affordable Fine Art Photography has this wonderful photo and many others.... please remember to convo, heart and perhaps purchase (they have a great sale going on) from this 
FABULOUS  shop.....have a great Friday!  ~KM


  1. Disney on Ice? I always thought this was something they showed during Christmas - but then, I'm so out of the loop since I don't have kids around anymore.
    Those birds are so adorable. Did you take that picture? What kind are they?
    Enjoy your Disney on Ice!
    Kind Regards,

  2. Thank you, I didn't take that photo, it is from She does beautiful work!!! she says it is yellow warbler.

    thanks you for your comments...let me know when you get your tests back - we have all missed you lately!

    Disney on ice was a blast!!! they did over 65 Disney characters since it was the 100th year anniversary. They come to town about once a year - not usually around the same time - and my girl friend gives us tickets.....wonderful!!!!

    thanks! ~KM


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