Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2 Tangy Tuesday

Today as I was looking through Etsy for an Artist to feature I found this shop, Java Bead (Fire and Glass Designs) and boy was I impressed!!!  I love to look at hand made beads - not only are they all different, but they all have some of their own personalities to them.  I found these lovely's and just couldn't resist showing them off....boy, what I could do this these!!!  

Please check out this wonderful artist and remember, click, convo and heart her shop...I am sure you'll want to look again!!!  Thank you and enjoy your Tangy Tuesday!!  ~KM


  1. I just can't say how lovely this work is. Thanks for sharing it...it is inspiring and sooooo beautiful!

  2. I simply drool over beadwork like that! Thanks for sharing.


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