Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2 Tangy Tuesday

So, it is Tuesday again, hu?  Well, here is Florida is is raining, chilly and over all just yucky ourside.   I can't thing of a better day for Tangy Tuesday so that our spirits can get lifted!  I tried to find something that was unique and yet 'yummy' to look at...well, I found it.  Check out this soap by The Soap Seduction.  It has several flavors, I mean smells, in it and it looks good enough to eat!!!  Please check out this wonderful shop and let them know what you think of all the 'yummy' and 'tangy' things they have.   Remember to heart and convo...thanks 
and enjoy your Tuesday!  ~KM

 Infinite Possibilities-Patchouli, Lime and Sweet Orange Soap


  1. I'm normally not a patchouli fan, but mixed with lime and orange, I don't see how you could go wrong! LOVE citrus...so fresh and invigorating.

  2. OOOHHH, Thanks for the feature! What a lovely surprise:)

    I'm not a big patchouli fine either, but when it's mixed with citrus, it's the BOMB!!!


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