Thursday, January 14, 2010

0 Trusted Thursday's

This Trusted Thursday's post is a little late, but, there was a good reason.....over the last few days I have had a leak in my radiator of my Jeep.  My hubby and I were just sure it was just a leak in the tubes, well, it wasn't.  After dropping my Jeep off at the mechanic I got a call that informed that it will be about $350.00 for the fix.  Oh my!  But, then when I got home I found out that I had not just one sale, but two!!!  Happy Dance!!  I sold my Rose Bracelet and my Ladybug Bracelet both to the same lady, ya hoooooo!  

So, back to the featured artist, I found this wonderful photograph from Jen Murray Photography that just seemed perfect.  With my own dog sitting in the window as we speak, I can only say, i love this photo!  Please check out her shop and let her know what you think.  Enjoy your Trusted Thursday and try to remember, trust yourself to be creative!!! ~KM


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