Monday, October 26, 2009

2 Monster Monday's

Well, this Monday I am getting back to my regular "Monster Monday" features.  I have not gotten any response to the contest for the newest Charity Maness book *totally disappointed* - *sigh* - so I have decided to make it really easy...comment on this post and leave me your email to enter into a drawing for a copy of Charity's newest book....Faithfully.  This is as simple of a contest as I can make!  Please, these are wonderful books, you will enjoy them so much, either buy them or win one...thanks!

Now, onto the feature for today...MisfitCreatures.  This is such a wonderful Monster Couple!  Perfect for anyone's fall festivities or everyday just to make you smile!  There are many 'monsters' in this shop, just check it out and see.  Leave the shop a note, mark it as a favorite or maybe even buy something.  

Enjoy your Monster Monday and please....keep your monsters close to your heart, I do....~KM


  1. Hi Max,

    here is my e-mail

    I must have missed your contest for the book Faithfully. But won't miss it now. Consider me for a book by Charity.


    Love your Monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What cute little critters and what a lovely shop!

    Please be sure to stop by my blog between Thursday and Saturday to enter my Trick or Treat Halloween Giveaway ;-)


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