Friday, October 30, 2009

2 Frantic Friday

Introducing the Frantic Friday Helper!!! 

The RITA!!!  

This Frantic Friday I am please to introduce a wonderful Etsian that make some beautiful and very classy aprons.  The Rita was designed and made by WHOA MOMMA, for ApronsbyMeMe to try out.  It was created as a 'vendor' apron for craft show vendors, but....MeMe and I have thought of all kinds of wonderful uses for it care workers, crafter's that move around in their studio a bunch, art teachers, even moms that are picking up after their kids around the house!!!  

This apron is made with every detail taken care off - you can't really appreciate the quality until you 'tie it on'!.  The sewing workmanship is wonderful!  

Please, visit her shop and let her know what you think!!!  Click, comment and maybe even purchase...

Enjoy your Frantic Friday...~KM

P.S. This IS MeMe, from Aprons by MeMe!!!!


Lucy. This one is my favorite....I might just have to splurge!!!


  1. Great Job Max, I can't wait until Threads Thursday on to feature WhoaMama

  2. Oh, how pretty...I'm partial to strawberries and saw a cute strawberry apron and the watermelon one is cute too...very nice work!


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